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How to Set Up a Website in 2022: A Guide for Beginners

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Table of Contents

Nowadays, almost all the information we obtained are coming from the Internet. A website is one of the sources of information deployment. A website can also be used as a promotion tool for business or personal branding. This is because how to set up a website using a CMS is quite easy. If you don’t have programming skills, you still can set up your own website.

How to Set Up a Website for Beginners Without Coding Skills

Setting up a website used to be complicated and only can be done by a web developer. Coding skills are required, as also an understanding of programming language. However, now everyone can set up a website easily, thanks to CMS such as WordPress.

CMS is a platform to create or develop a site that will make everyone’s job easy, especially to maintain content without having to use HTML, PHP, or other programming languages.

Because of that convenience, it is very unfortunate if a company does not use a website. That is because the website has many benefits for a business, starting from media information, exchanging information with customers, and allowing companies to reach a larger market.


If you wish to set up a website for your company or yourself but you do not own coding skills, there are a few ways how to set up a website for you. Read below.

1. Choose the Platform

The very beginning of this website creation journey is choosing the platform for your sites. One of the most popular website platforms is WordPress. But there are also other options such as Wix, Drupal, Joomla, and Squarespace.

2. The Website Kind

You need to ensure what kind of websites you wish to develop. Many kinds of website that you can choose such as personal, company, organization, e-commerce, and forum website. By choosing one of these, then you can easily suit the theme or template for the latter.

3. Select the Hosting

Hosting is a server that can be beneficial to store all kinds of files from a website. There are several types of hosting as follows:

  • Cloud hosting: using multiple servers to store data and files. 
  • WordPress hosting: a designated hosting for WordPress users only. 
  • Unlimited hosting: offers larger capacity.

This hosting selection is important because it deals with all the data and files of your website. Therefore, consider carefully before selecting a hosting.

4. Choose the Domain

The next step is choosing the domain. The domain is a title of a website and exists as the substitute for an IP address. If the website is used for a business, you can use the company’s name for the website title such as 

Moreover, specify your domain extension whether you want to use .com, .id, .org,, or .net. For companies, you can choose a domain extension with .com, .id, or

If you choose to use WordPress, there are the process of next step that you can do such as:

  • Choose the subscription plan, you can choose 4 available packages. All the packages can be tailored to cater to your need as they have different features. 
  • If you use a hosting provider outside the website, you must install WordPress.
  • Pick the theme that suits your preference and the kind of your website.
  • Customize the settings and install plugins for your website.

That is a quick and easy step of how to set up a website for beginners

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