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Who We Are

Cloudeka is a Cloud service provider that has been established since 2011. Born by a well-known ICT company in the country, Lintasarta, provides Cloud services for both large and small-medium enterprises. Known as a Cloud provider from and for Indonesia which has a strong understanding of market needs, especially in Indonesia. Cloudeka will continuously put efforts and dedications to build and maintain strong partnerships to enhance local businesses through the provision of end-to-end Cloud services.

Why Lintasarta Cloudeka?

Local Expertise
Our expertise in being a Cloud provider in Indonesia gives us a better understanding of the local market needs to provide the best solutions in scaling up and helping companies in Indonesia.

We always maintain customer trust in Cloudeka. Transparent and honest communication are continuously carried out, so that customers do not have to worry about the hidden services or fees being billed suddenly.

For All Business Model
Cloudeka opens opportunities for large and small-medium enterprises to use Cloud services to enhance their business.

Our Milestone


Part of Lintasarta

Lintasarta is a Business-to-Business (B2B) company engaged in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Since 1988, Lintasarta serves as Data Communication, Internet and IT Services for diversified industries. To this day, Lintasarta has been serving more than 2.400 corporate customers with greater than 45.000 networks including Fiber Optic Data Communication Service, Satellite Network, Managed Security & Collaboration, Data Center dan DRC, Cloud computing, Managed Services, Telemedicine, SIMRS, e-KYC, Third-Party Card Management, IT Operation & Outsourcing, and data communication total solutions.

Lintasarta gives professional services start from pre-sales services through a business consultant, network engineers for assessment, and customer design solution to capable after- sales services such as Customer Assistant Representative (CAR). Our professional services are supported by more than 1.000 experienced staffs with international certifications spread in more than 44 cities of Indonesia.

Lintasarta guarantees network connection availability (SLA) up to 99%, 99,9%, and 99,99% based on customer needs, with full support of multimedia accesses, namely Fiber Optic, Broadband Wireless Access and Satellite, and Multi-backbone that has been fully backed up and controlled by Network Monitoring System.


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  • 2018 >
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  • May, 2019

    Shortlisted into Top 4 in the 12th Annual Datacloud Global Awards 2019 for Data Center for Smart City Award and Excellence in Regional Data Center Award (Asia-Pasific) categories

  • Nov, 2019

    Best IT & Data Tech Governance for Data Center and Cloud services in the 2019 Data Technology Governance, AI and Analytics Summit & Awards

  • Nov, 2019

    Best Practices Award for Indonesia's Cloud Infrastructure Services Provider of the Year from Frost & Sullivan

  • Aug, 2018

    Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards for Data Center Service Provider of The Year from Frost & Sullivan.

  • Oct, 2018

    Best Improved Data Technology Governance & AI (Data Center & Cloud) from Data Technology Governance, AI & Analytics Award.

  • Dec, 2018

    TOP IT & Telco 2018 for TOP Data Communication 2018, TOP Data Center 2018, and TOP Cloud 2018 category.

  • Feb, 2017

    Finalist of DataCloud Asia Awards for Data Center Technical Breakthrough.

  • Aug, 2017

    Service Quality Golden Award 2017 for Data Center Corporate Customers Category.

  • Oct, 2017

    Asia Pacific Best Practices Awards for Data Center Service Provider of The Year from Frost & Sullivan.

  • Oct, 2017

    The Best Cloud Service Provider from Top IT & Telco Award.

  • Nov, 2017

    Telco Cloud Service Provider of the Year from Frost & Sullivan Indonesia Excellence Award.

  • Nov, 2017

    Telco Data Center & Cloud Service Provider of the Year from Frost & Sullivan Indonesia Excellence Award.



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