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Lintasarta Cloudeka service offers a series of “Anak Negeri” Cloud solutions developed with well-known partners for web/application hosting to consolidate your Data Center safely, easily, and cost-effectively without having to build your own IT infrastructure. Learn more or contact us directly for a free trial.

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  • Deka Prime (PX1)

    Public Cloud service equipped with comprehensive features that will support your business.

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  • Deka Flexi (FX2)

    Public Cloud service with pay-per-use model and simple VM deployment.

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  • Deka Vault

    Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery service to help you synchronize the main virtual server.

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  • Deka Premium

    Private Cloud service dedicated to only one customer.

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  • Deka Box

    Object Storage service for managing corporate applications and data.

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  • Deka Sovereign

    Private Cloud service with infrastructure based in Indonesia.

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  • Deka Harbor

    Container-based Cloud Service to manage your company applications.

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  • Deka ROCK

    Container as a Service (CaaS) with features including source-to-image (S2I) creation, pipelines, application templates, and integration of various tools.

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  • Deka Sense

    Data Analytics service based on Social Intelligence technology to generate analytical reports for your company’s brand from digital media.

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  • Intelligent Video Analytics

    Ready-to-use software services based on Artificial Intelligence technology for monitoring via live-video to gather attributes, events or patterns of specific behaviour.

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  • Next Generation Firewall

    Protects your IT infrastructure from malware.

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  • Load Balancer

    Keep your web application available.

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  • Deka Web Application Firewall

    Protect your web application from hacking.

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