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Reseller & Wholesale Solution

Why Choose Us For Reseller & Wholesale Solutions?

In Digitalization era has multiple technology, One of the technologies that are currently on trend and advanced as solutions is the cloud computing. Lintasarta Cloudeka comes with Cloud solutions that offering reseller and wholesales program to the partner. Supported by an extensive network, high security, and developed locally by Indonesians Lintasarta Cloudeka is ready to help the partner to strive forward.

Our Product Solution

Deka Prime (PX1)

Public Cloud service equipped with comprehensive features that will support your business.

Deka Flexi (FX2)

Public Cloud service with pay-per-use model and simple VM deployment.

Deka Vault

Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery service to help you synchronize the main virtual server.

Deka Box

Object Storage service for managing corporate applications and data.

Deka Harbor

Container-based Cloud Service to manage your company applications.


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