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Deka Premium

What is Deka Premium

Lintasarta Cloudeka’s Deka Premium is a Dedicated Cloud Hosting that can be used to one customer only. You can access this service via the Internet or private networks to support all types of data production, Disaster Recovery, or other needs.

Lintasarta Cloudeka, as a cloud computing service and web hosting provider, wants to provide computing resources for all companies in Indonesia. Every organization or company needs a good Cloud infrastructure to help develop business in today’s digital era.

Deka Premium from Lintasarta Cloudeka has reliable features that you can choose according to your needs to support the company’s operational activities. This Cloud Computing service has a support base from well-known partners. Lintasarta Cloudeka wants to help your business needs by providing the best Dedicated Cloud Hosting services, Deka Premium.

Our Price

Our Deka Premium

Rp 551.600/mo*

  • 1vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD
  • centOS 6.10
  • 24 GB Storage

Technology Partners

Use Cases

Our clients who are engaged in international oil and gas operations have built end-to-end (private) Deka Premium clusters for Data Center and Disaster Recovery Center. They also combines Baremetal and Virtual Machine at more than two different sites, including at their customer’s location.

Lintasarta Cloudeka has successfully assisted the Independent company in the field of oil & gas exploration and production in Indonesia which assisted them in migrating and building an end-to-end (private) Deka Premium cluster for the Data Center and Disaster Recovery Center.

Not only they built an end-to-end (private) Deka Premium cluster for Data Centers and Disaster Recovery Centers, Europe’s leading global group in the field of banking credit information also uses Managed Replication services and combines Baremetal and Virtual Machines with Lintasarta Cloudeka.

Deka Premium Features and Benefit

The Best Choice For Your Needs

You can choose a device partner based on your company’s needs. Specifically for baremetal devices, you will have the opportunity to choose two different partners.

Integrated With Lintasarta Services

Deka Premium can be integrated with other Lintasarta Services such as network, security, etc., or with other service providers.

Simple And Fully Managed

Lintasarta Cloudeka’s professional technician team will manage all levels from hardware to the Cloud platform. You can also choose Lintasarta Enterprise on Advance Professional Services (Lintasarta IT Outsourcing) for other IT infrastructure management.

Fast And Flexible Performance

Deka Premium has various deployment options such as at the customer site, at the Lintasarta Data Center, or integrated into Lintasarta Cloudeka’s Deka Prime (PX1) / Deka (FX2) (Public Cloud) via a private network or Metro Ethernet.

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