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Digital Company Solution

Why choose us for Digital Company Solutions?

The digitalization age has changed the market demand pattern of the media industry, especially digital media. Furthermore, with the increasingly widespread use of smartphones, the phenomenon of social media, and a whole host of affordable Internet package deals, the media industry is faced with adapting to the changing lifestyles of customers with a voracious appetite for information. Lintasarta Cloudeka, Indonesia’s locally-developed Cloud provider, is able to enhance the digital company to meet their needs and keep moving forward.

Our Product Solution

Deka Prime (PX1)

Supplies digital companies with robust and high-availability cloud computing solutions for evolving needs.

Deka Flexi (FX2)

Provides flexible, scalable, and user-friendly support to facilitate growth and innovation in digital companies.

Deka Premium

Agile and private cloud hosting for digital companies, supporting their evolving business operations securely.

Deka Vault

Protecting digital assets, customer data, and business operations with comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery services.

Deka Harbor

Facilitates the development and management of innovative applications with faster response times using containerization.


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