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Deka Flexi (FX2)

What is Deka Flexi (FX2)

Deka Flexi (FX2) is an openstack cloud technology from the Lintasarta Cloudeka series. Deka Flexi (FX2) offers flexibility so companies can choose services that suit their needs and business scale. There are many features you can use in Deka Flexi (FX2) such as storage and networking resources, infrastructure as a service, and more.

Deka Flexi (FX2) implements a simple Virtual Machine and pay-per-use mechanism and is supported by technology from RedHat. Therefore, enterprises have access to Cloud services with a high degree of flexibility. Deka Flexi (FX2) is very suitable as the best Cloud service provider to meet your company’s hosting needs.

The Deka Flexi (FX2) service from Lintasarta Cloudeka have the best price in the Indonesian Cloud Computing market. It can increase efficiency, especially using the company’s Capital Expenditure (Capex) for various unnecessary IT investments. Leverage the compute resources of Deka Flexi (FX2) and get ready for a significant transformation that can take your business to new heights.

Our Price

Our Deka Flexi (FX2)

IDR 436.600/mo*

  • 1vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD
  • centOS 6.10
  • 24 GB Storage

Technology Partners

Deka Flexi (FX2) Features and Benefit

Simple Deployment

Comes with a fixed package for the virtual machines so there is no need to configure vCPU or vRAM anymore.

No More Bandwidth Metering

Free shared Internet up to 1 Gbps IIX and 200 Mbps IX or you can choose Lintasarta Internet Dedicated or Lintasarta Metro Ethernet for faster and more stable connections.

Cloud At No Cost

No additional cost is imposed for egress/ingress and port hourly, unless for the bandwidth from Internet Dedicated or Metro Ethernet.

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