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Public Cloud - Deka Prime (PX1)

What is Deka Prime (PX1)

Deka Prime (PX1), powered by Lintasarta Cloudeka, is a versatile public cloud service designed to serve to the diverse IT infrastructure needs of businesses across various sectors in Indonesia. Built on the robust VMware platform, Deka Prime (PX1) provides a secure and reliable cloud computing environment that can be accessed via the internet or private networks. By offering virtual server devices and seamless integration with additional features like Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Global Load Balancer, Deka Prime (PX1) empowers organizations to optimize their digital transformation journey.

With Deka Prime (PX1), customers receive a dedicated virtual router equipped with NAT, access lists, and static routing features, ensuring enhanced security and control over their network environment. For more advanced networking capabilities, businesses can upgrade their routers with IP VPN and Load Balancer features, allowing for greater flexibility and scalability. This comprehensive solution enables companies to efficiently allocate computing resources, manage data processing and server needs, and streamline their IT operations.

By using Deka Prime (PX1), organizations can take advantage of the latest cloud computing technologies to develop and expand their businesses in the digital world. The user-friendly service, combined with Lintasarta Cloudeka’s commitment to customer support, makes Deka Prime (PX1) the ideal choice for businesses seeking to stay competitive and grow in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Our Price

Our Deka Prime (PX1)

IDR 551,600/mo*

  • 1vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD
  • centOS 6.10
  • 24 GB Storage

Technology Partners

Use Cases

One of our respectful clients on fintech have been using Deka Prime (PX1) by Lintasarta Cloudeka to serve the needs of their customers. They successfully used the Resource Pool service, integrated Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery services, and connected directly to the customer’s location.

Deka Prime (PX1) service from Lintasarta Cloudeka has been successfully used by one of the providers of ICT infrastructure and ecosystem for society which they implemented to monitor the VSAT connection all around Indonesia. The data storage is deployed in the Lintasarta Disaster Recovery Center at Jatiluhur that is directly connected to Lintasarta VSAT.

One of the Ministry of Indonesia has built a Disaster Recovery Center cluster on Cloud which is linked to their Data Center for web filtering.

Regional company in the city of Banjarmasin which is engaged as a provider of clean water facilities has used the product for the back-office application.

Deka Prime (PX1) Features and Benefit

Customizable and Scalable Infrastructure

Deka Prime provides a highly customizable and scalable cloud infrastructure, allowing businesses to easily adapt to changing demands and requirements. Customers can choose from various virtual machine configurations and operating systems to best suit their needs.

Robust Security and Reliability

With built-in L3 basic firewall, L3 and L7 Load Balancer, and a high-availability architecture offering a 99.95% SLA for each region, Deka Prime ensures a secure and reliable cloud environment for businesses to operate and safeguard their data.

Seamless Integration and Management

Deka Prime supports multisite vCloud Director integration, enabling businesses to efficiently manage multiple cloud environments from a single interface. It also offers compatibility with various connection types like MetroEthernet, VPN, MPLS, SDWAN, and the Internet for easy integration into existing networks.

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