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Deka Prime (PX1)

What is Deka Prime (PX1)

Deka Prime (PX1) is a Public Cloud service based on VMware technologies from Lintasarta Cloudeka. This service can helped many businesses from various sectors in Indonesia by providing IT infrastructure through virtual server devices. This service can be accessed either via Internet or a private network.

Every organization or company can take advantage of cloud computing services to develop its business in the digital world. Utilization of computing resources from Cloud Computing services can meet the needs of companies, especially for data processing and servers.

Based on technology from VMware, Lintasarta Cloudeka’s Deka Prime (PX1) will provide a dedicated virtual router for free with NAT, access lists, and static routing features. Not only that, Lintasarta Deka Prime (PX1) offers a dedicated router upgrade for IP VPN and Load Balancer features. By using Deka Prime (PX1), you will get a secure private network that can be integrated with several additional features such as Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Global Load Balancer.

Our Price

Our Deka Prime (PX1)

IDR 551,600/mo*

  • 1vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD
  • centOS 6.10
  • 24 GB Storage

Technology Partners

Use Cases

One of our respectful clients on fintech have been using Deka Prime (PX1) by Lintasarta Cloudeka to serve the needs of their customers. They successfully used the Resource Pool service, integrated Cloud Backup, Disaster Recovery services, and connected directly to the customer’s location.

Deka Prime (PX1) service from Lintasarta Cloudeka has been successfully used by one of the providers of ICT infrastructure and ecosystem for society which they implemented to monitor the VSAT connection all around Indonesia. The data storage is deployed in the Lintasarta Disaster Recovery Center at Jatiluhur that is directly connected to Lintasarta VSAT.

One of the Ministry of Indonesia has built a Disaster Recovery Center cluster on Cloud which is linked to their Data Center for web filtering.

Regional company in the city of Banjarmasin which is engaged as a provider of clean water facilities has used the product for the back-office application.

Deka Prime (PX1) Features and Benefit

Hussle-free and flexible options Cloud

Offers a virtual machine with managed service solution to automatically size the storage and is equipped with a flexible resource pool that can help you to create, delete, and edit the virtual machine as required.

No More Bandwidth Metering

Free shared Internet up to 1 Gbps IIX and 200 Mbps IX or you can choose Lintasarta Internet Dedicated or Lintasarta Metro Ethernet for faster and more stable connections.

Cloud At No Cost

No additional cost is imposed for egress/ingress and port hourly, unless for the bandwidth from Internet Dedicated or Metro Ethernet.

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