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Telecommunication Solution

Why choose us for Telecommunication Solutions?

As one of the world’s most dynamic ecosystems, the telecommunications industry is constantly evolving. Fueled by an ever greater number of technological advances and innovations in the service sector in this age of digitalization, Cloud solution for the telecommunication industry from Lintasarta Cloudeka to relentlessly pursue innovations and remain vigilant to developments in supporting technology.

Our Product Solution

Deka Prime (PX1)

Strengthens the telecommunication industry with highly available and dependable IT infrastructure.

Deka Premium

High-performance and secure cloud solutions for telecommunication companies to manage their growing infrastructure needs confidently.

Deka Vault

Secure backup and recovery solutions to maintain data integrity and network resilience in the rapidly evolving telecommunications industry.

Deka Box

Advanced data storage to support telecommunication infrastructure and service management.

Deka Harbor

Bolsters the telecommunication industry’s application and service management to optimize networks and customer service with container technologies.


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