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Deka Box

What is Deka Box

Deka Box from Lintasarta Cloudeka is the Cloud Storage services that can be used to manage company data from various locations with replication control capabilities. You can use this service to store various kinds of data, including images, videos, audio, documents, HTML files, CSS, JSS, and all objects that comply with the S3 Protocol.

The Deka Box service functions as a storage area and a real-time data processing facility. It offers the best digital security system to protect your company’s essential data. The reliable Cloud Computing solution from Deka Box can be used for companies with many applications with data complexity levels that require storage of various types of data. You can save files anywhere and keep them accessible to find them whenever you need them. That’s why, you need Deka Box as your best Cloud Storage Solutions.

Our Price

Our Deka Box

IDR 95,000/mo*

  • 1vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD
  • centOS 6.10
  • 24 GB Storage

Technology Partners

Use Cases

One of the subsidiaries in the ministry that manages for Profession and Certification in Indonesia uses Deka Box from Lintasarta Cloudeka for data storage in the backend that can be accessed by more than 1.000 users.

Deka Box Features and Benefit

Easily manage and control data

You can configure by using a dedicated webportal, manage replication between multisite, and provide users access to buckets.

High-Performance Cloud Storage

Equipped with SSD storage on the backend for optimal performance.


No additional cost is imposed for egress/ingress and port hourly, and free shared Internet up to 1 Gbps IIX and 200 Mbps IX.

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