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Finance Non-Bank Solution

Why Choose Us For Finance Non-Bank Solutions?

The rapid economic growth in Indonesia is also marked by the occurrence of Finance Non-Bank companies such as Insurance, Fintech, Investment, and others in Indonesia. The need for a fast and secure digital Cloud for the Finance Non-Bank industry can be met by using Lintasarta Cloudeka. Supported by an extensive network, high security, and developed locally by Indonesians Lintasarta Cloudeka is ready to help the Finance Non-Bank industry to strive forward.     

Our Product Solution

Deka Prime (PX1)

Offers dependable virtual server solutions to address the needs of the expanding non-bank finance sector.

Deka Flexi (FX2)

Delivers easily scalable and adaptable cloud solutions to enhance operational efficiency within the non-bank finance sector.

Deka Premium

Confidential and dependable cloud solutions for non-bank financial institutions to handle their growing data and operational requirements.

Deka Vault

Reliable backup and recovery services to safeguard critical financial data and ensure business continuity.

Deka Harbor

Boosts non-bank financial service application flexibility and security through effective container management.


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