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Cloud Storage - Deka Box

What is Deka Box

Deka Box from Lintasarta Cloudeka is a cloud storage solution to streamline data management for businesses across various locations. Offering replication control capabilities and support for a wide range of file formats, this versatile service caters to the storage needs of businesses with multiple applications and diverse data complexities. Comply with the S3 Protocol, Deka Box can accommodate multimedia files, web files, and other data objects, making it an essential tool for modern businesses.

In addition to its storage capabilities, Deka Box also functions as a real-time data processing facility, empowering businesses to derive valuable insights and make data-driven decisions. This cloud computing solution ensures data integrity and consistency up to 99,9999%, while its top-notch digital security systems provide the greatest protection for your company’s sensitive information.

Deka Box’s flexibility and accessibility enable users to store and access files from any location, making it the ideal cloud storage solution for today’s dynamic business environment. With its reliable and user-friendly interface, Deka Box guarantees seamless data management and enhanced productivity for businesses of all sizes.

Our Price

Our Deka Box

IDR 95,000/mo*

  • 1vCPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB SSD
  • centOS 6.10
  • 24 GB Storage

Technology Partners

Use Cases

One of the subsidiaries in the ministry that manages for Profession and Certification in Indonesia uses Deka Box from Lintasarta Cloudeka for data storage in the backend that can be accessed by more than 1.000 users.

Deka Box Features and Benefit

Scalable and Unlimited Storage

Deka Box provides unlimited storage capacity, allowing businesses to easily scale their storage needs as they grow, without worrying about running out of space.

Customizable Access Control

Deka Box allows object storage creators to assign API keys and secrets to other members, providing granular control over data access and ensuring that only authorized users can access specific data.

Easy Data Accessibility

With its compatibility with the S3 Protocol API & CLI and accessible through REST API, Deka Box enables easy access and retrieval of stored data from any location via the internet.

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