The Use of Robotic Process Automation in Human Lives

18 May 2022 | admin

Technology is seemingly unstoppable and will always be developing innovations. One of its recent innovations is RPA or Robotic Process Automation.

RPA is the yield of transformation in the operation industry which will help humans to implement their daily routines. Robotic Process Automation has become more popular because of its benefits, especially to make humans work productively. 

Companies are starting to show their interest to use RPA. The reasons are quite simple, not only in the efficiency RPA provides but also in term of expense reduction.


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Harnessing the Robotic Process Automation in Human Lives

Robotic Process Automation has the same physical appearance as a robot but with various kinds of shapes. The goal remains the same, which is to reflect how humans interact and perform repetitive tasks in applications, such as entering data.

When automating repetitive tasks, the scripts, macros, algorithms, and evolutions will come in later. This technology allows them to replicate or reflect how humans communicate.

However, what needs to be underlined is that RPA was created not to replace the role of humans, but to assist humans in carrying out their duties. Of course, with this technology, humans will be greatly helped in implementing their tasks. Here are some examples of the use of RPA or Robotic Process Automation in human life today.

  1. Food delivery robot

Have you ever heard of one Japanese restaurant that uses a robot to deliver food to its customers? Yes, you heard it correctly. This is one of many examples of how RPA works in our daily lives.  

With the help of a robot, the staff will no longer be swamped when the restaurant is filled with hungry customers. Moreover, this will become a value-added for customers to try new experiences where they will be served by a man-made robot.

  1. Help desk

The help desk has a critical role in every business. In the beginning, the people behind the operations were those who worked to serve all kinds of customer complaints. However, since this RPA technology was introduced, workers find it helpful because they do not have to deal with the same problems repeatedly.

  1. Credit card applications

RPA is deliberately programmed to help handle all assessments regarding collecting information in the form of credit card application documents and later validating them. With this technology, it will speed up and make it easier for people who apply for credit cards only through the mobile application.

  1. Bill payment

All adults have bills to pay every month. Even so, paying bills is not as difficult as it used to be. Now, we can rely on our smartphones to make payments anywhere and at any time. Only by activating the fingerprint feature, then we can pay all bills only through a smartphone.

  1. Making officer work easier

Did you know that Robotic Process Automation can also contribute to office purposes? As we know that making a report is certainly time-consuming.

However, with the RPA, reports that should be completed in hours can be completed in less than half an hour. So, in other words, RPA can handle complex types of reports

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