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Get to Know the Current Development of Cloud Comuting

Cloud Computing Adalah
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Table of Contents

Cloud Computing is a technology that has been continuously developed over the last few years to help business development. Have you heard the term Cloud Computing ?

You may only often hear the term Cloud. Cloud itself refers to a collection of servers that function as a place to store and process data. All data stored in digital form will be entered and stored there.

For those of you who have a company website , you must be familiar with the Cloud concept. All data needed to load your website will be entered into the server in the cloud.

Before the Cloud, you needed your own server in the form of hardware to be able to manage a business website . Hardware is still used for some servers , but cloud servers will provide many advantages for your business.

Then, what is meant by Cloud Computing ? You can immediately listen to the full discussion below about Cloud Computing , starting from its understanding, its development in Indonesia, to its benefits for business. This information is of course very useful for those of you who are also a businessman.

Definition Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing literally means cloud computing. Cloud Computing is a method used to deliver everything connected via the Internet.

There are so many Cloud Computing services available today to provide opportunities for everyone to be more flexible in processing data. All data that enters Cloud Computing will be stored on a virtual server on a large scale.

You’ve probably seen database rooms in large companies filled with various hardware devices. If your business deals with data processing, of course in the future you will need a database room like that to store all incoming data.

You definitely want to develop the business you are currently running, right? When the business has started to grow, there is more data that enters your system so that it requires a storage area such as the database room .

To create a database room , complete with hardware, you need to spend a very large budget. This does not include monthly maintenance costs to pay for very large electricity, hardware maintenance, and so on.

After reading the information above, you may start to wonder how you can store large amounts of data without having to spend an excessive budget. Of course the way is to use Cloud Computing where all your data can be stored directly in the cloud .

Cloud Computing can be an investment that allows you to take your current business to the next step. The existence of Cloud Computing not only reduces your budget, but you also don’t need to bother creating database space because all data is already stored in the cloud or an Internet server. Maybe this is the right time for your business to start implementing Cloud Computing?

Development of Cloud Computing in Indonesia

Cloud Computing is a new thing that has often been heard over the last few years. However, the concept itself was born in the 1960s when a technology called the Intergalactic Computer Network emerged. This technology was invented by JCR Licklider.

You certainly don’t think that this concept has existed since ancient times, right? In that year, scientists had the idea that computing networks could develop where everyone could be connected to each other like electricity and telephone networks.

In the end, the concept has been realized and is still being developed. Even in Indonesia itself, Cloud Computing technology continues to grow with a combined percentage of 48% over the last 5 years.

Cloud Computing technology is also accompanied by business growth in Indonesia, especially startup companies that continue to innovate by utilizing the latest technology. The presence of startup companies in Indonesia does not only help problems that occur in society, but also helps the economy in our own country.

3 Benefits of Using Cloud Computing for Your Business

Are you a businessman who wants to expand his business nationally or even internationally? You need to implement Cloud Computing to be able to compete and grow globally. For that, here are 3 benefits of using Cloud Computing in business that you need to know.

1.   Does Not Require Large Resources

Using Cloud Computing can help you save on resource expenditure. The resources referred to here are not only in the form of money. There are various kinds of resources spent by companies ranging from human resources, time, operations, and others.

2.   Access Real-Time Data

All data that enters Cloud Computing will be processed in real-time so that you can access it whenever needed. In fact, you can access it through any type of device.

3.   High Level of Security

Data security must be maintained properly to prevent the risk of data theft that can be misused by various parties. Cloud Computing has a high level of security so you don’t need to worry about data theft. So, do you want to implement Cloud Computing in your current business? You can use Cloud Computing services from Lintasarta Cloudeka to grow your business. Want to know more about this service? Contact Lintasarta Cloudeka right now and our team is ready to help meet your business needs in this ever-evolving technology era.

Cloudeka is a Cloud service provider that has been established since 2011. Born by a well-known ICT company in the country, Lintasarta, provides Cloud services for both large and small-medium enterprises.