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Reasons Why Cyber Security System is a Must for Businesses

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The proliferation of Internet users around the world, not to mention in Indonesia, has grown even higher. That includes Internet usage in the business world to ease the business process. On the other hand, this phenomenon can be seen as good and bad simultaneously. Some so many irresponsible people will take the advantage of technological sophistication to commit crimes, so a Cyber security system is much needed.

One of the most popular crimes in the world is a cyberattack. The hacker will misuse the Internet and technologies to conduct its crime by intruding on the sensitive system of a website. To prevent unwanted things from happening, companies should have a comprehensive cyber security system.

The Importance of Cyber Security System for a Company

Cyber security is the act of applying technology that plays a role in protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and personal data from various types of cyberattacks. In short, Cyber security is also known as information technology and electronic security systems. Cyber security aims to reduce the risk of cyberattacks from hackers and protect all data and information on a website.

To this day, there have been thousands of crimes taking place in cyberspace. The parties who are harmed by this attack are not only companies but also customers who use the services of these companies. Therefore, cyber security must be owned by all companies that use technology for the smooth running of their business.


Reasons to Have Cyber Security

The followings are the reasons why companies should have a cyber security system:

1. Avoid cyberattacks

The main reason why most companies should consider having cyber security is to avoid a cyberattacks. It is unpredictable, but possible, when cyberattack will take place. As a preventive measure, companies must have a cyber security system to protect their data.

2. Protect the company from big losses

If a website is exposed to a cyberattack, then all kinds of company data will be stolen by hackers. The very data that is crucial to be stolen is the customer information. Because after all, the company will have to be responsible if there is a loss to the customer. Of course, the loss is not small. Therefore, to protect from big losses, companies must implement cybersecurity measures properly and correctly.

3. Advanced technologies

It is undeniable that from year to year, technology is getting more advanced. This is indeed good, but unfortunately from these technological advances, many hackers take advantage of this situation. The development of technology makes them smarter hackers in misusing technology. So, cybercrimes will continue to grow and will never go away. To work around this, like it or not, companies must have cyber security so that companies are protected from the threat of cyberattacks.

4. Customer retention

If a cyberattack occurs, of course, the customer’s sense of trust will fade. As a result, customers will leave and leading to bankruptcy. To retain customers well, companies must of course give their best, one of which is to have a cyber security system with the aim of giving a high sense of trust to customers.

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