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What is Big Data: The Importance and Benefit

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Table of Contents

More and more information has been generated and disseminated intensively since we are entering the digital age. Data, on a larger scale or Big Data, holds an important role for businesses, especially for well-established companies. But what is Big Data exactly?

Big Data, as we already know, plays an important role due to its function to store data on a larger scale. Every business, no matter its kind, will require data to understand customers better. This is the reason why business and Big Data are somewhat related.  

Find Out What is Big Data and Its Benefit for Business 

Walking into the digital era, a large amount of data has emerged which then grows again to become bigger over time. So, to put it another way, Big Data is a large collection of complex data. 

This concept occurs from the need to understand the pattern in the database created by the interactions with different systems. Due to a large amount of this data, a traditional data processing software will no longer be adequate and compatible to process it.

Speaking about Big Data, there will always be a correlation with business. Why? Big Data will allow business owners to obtain comprehensive and extensive information related to their business. This information will then help them to understand the customer better and help businesses to achieve their goals.


The Benefit of Big Data for Business

After you understand the importance of Big Data, the next step will be about the benefit of Big Data for business. In general, Big Data will assist you to handle various business-related activities, starting from customer experience to analytics. More specifically, here are the benefit of Big Data for the business you need to know:

1. A better customer experience

You can provide a better experience for your customers by harnessing Big Data. A series of Big Data will allow you to collect customer data such as a visit record to your website or social media account.

With this customer data recorded, you will get information about the customer experience and understand them more deeply. So that in the end, you can understand them by providing recommendations on what they need. Finally, and most importantly, companies can use this information to improve marketing initiatives and promotions.

2. Product development

You can use Big Data to collect feedback from customers. This feedback will later help you make changes to a product or service. It is not impossible for you to develop products from the results of customer feedback.

3. A quick decision-making process

The speed of data analytic technology has the benefit to process new data. Thus, every company can analyze information easily and, in the end, they can generate a decision quickly and accurately.

4. Safety guaranteed

Most company has focused on Big Data to ensure the security and protection of their data. Because basically, we cannot predict when an attack from hackers will occur.

Therefore, a company can use Big Data to help them identify the data pattern in the event of fraud and combine some information about it to generate a report quickly.

That’s a brief explanation of what is Big Data and its benefits for the business

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