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Why is Digital Transformation essential for Business Growth?

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Table of Contents

Did you know that digital transformation is the key for a company to run its business today? Not only that, but digital transformation also has its benefits, especially for a company. Moreover, the business competition is undeniably tight. 

Instead of just migrating data to the Cloud, harness the value transformations more effectively to re-evaluate, optimize your systems and processes. Ensuring that they are both operable and flexible enough to provide strong business intelligence and help the company succeed in the future.

Why should companies embrace digital transformation?

1. The breadth of data-driven insights

Data can be the key to unlocking customer insights. By understanding customers and their needs, you as a businessperson can create a more customer-centric business strategy.

The benefit of data is twofold: structured data such as information about personal customers and unstructured data such as social media metrics. This insight can later help drive your company’s business growth.

As you move into the digital world, you can track metrics and perform data analysis throughout your digital marketing efforts. Data-driven insights can also help you understand your customers better. Not only that, it allows you to reevaluate your business strategy, assist in better decision-making, and pave the way to higher ROI.

2. Offer good customer experience

First and foremost, the point of this digital transformation is about the user experience. As technology advances, more and more companies are realizing that advanced digital transformation strategies can help improve the user experience.

You as a businessperson must also consider that customers of course have high expectations regarding this digital world. Because this is not only efficient for your company, but also for customers so that their experience becomes more extensive and quite intuitive.


3. Increase agility and productivity

This transformation can increase agility and productivity, especially when equipped with the right technology. If this happens, it will be very possible for innovation to run faster as it should. Not only that, the productivity of the workflow will increase over time.

Digital transformation is a great opportunity for your business. Building a better experience for customers and employees with the help of innovative technology will help companies move faster and more easily to compete with other companies

Cloudeka is a Cloud service provider that has been established since 2011. Born by a well-known ICT company in the country, Lintasarta, provides Cloud services for both large and small-medium enterprises.