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4 Tips for Choosing Cloud Computing Services

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Table of Contents

Choosing a Cloud Computing service is not a difficult thing to do, but also not easy because there are several things that you must consider for your business to run smoothly going forward. Here are 4 tips for choosing a Cloud Computing service that you can follow.

1. Choose As Needed

When you want to choose the type of Cloud Computing service, make sure to choose according to the needs of your business. For example, if the business project you are running has a fairly short time, then the suitable service is SaaS or Software as a Service because users can use it right away without having to pay an initial setup fee.

However, if the business you are running is new, then you can start by choosing IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service because they are cheaper and cost-effective.

Finally, if the project you are running chooses more than one developer, then don’t hesitate to choose PaaS or Platform as a Service, because the process of using it is easier and not difficult even if the operator is not an expert.

2. Security

Regardless of what type of Cloud Computing you choose, when it comes to data and networks, security is the number one concern. You must ensure that the stored data is secure and not leaked. As a solution, you can ask the provider what security measures they have in place to protect your data.

Then, make sure the Cloud provider’s Data Center has implemented strict security measures and is in a good and right place. Don’t forget to make sure that the type of Cloud service you choose must comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


3. Cloud Computing Features

Each service certainly has different features. For this reason, these features can be tailored down to the company’s needs. For example, one of the most important features of all Cloud Computing services is the Disaster Recovery feature or service. This feature has the ability to recover and can respond after an unfortunate event occurs and harms business operations.

Apart from that, there are also specific features regarding compute resources, monitoring, security, deployment features, and even user experience.

4. Costs

Cost is something you need to take into account because the price of Cloud Computing services varies quite a lot. Therefore, make sure you choose the right service so that the costs are well spent.

You can also adjust costs to the company’s budget. In essence, the most important thing is to always pay close attention to price increases and decreases from time to time.

Cloudeka is a Cloud service provider that has been established since 2011. Born by a well-known ICT company in the country, Lintasarta, provides Cloud services for both large and small-medium enterprises.