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Choosing IaaS or PaaS: which one is more suitable for applications?

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Developing and running the application on Cloud has become the main choice for most companies. Some of them are already implementing a Cloud-First strategy. With this strategy, companies will always choose the Cloud solution and will use their own infrastructure only if necessary.

Many Cloud providers nowadays offer various kinds of Cloud infrastructures. But a company can run their application on IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Choosing IaaS can be the easiest decision to make, especially if a company wishes to migrate from on-premises infrastructure without having too many changes. Another alternative is by using PaaS (Platform as a Service) to develop and run the applications.

Developing the Application with IaaS

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers access to computing resources such as servers, storage, and network as a subscription service. With IaaS, Cloud users no longer need to install and maintain the physical infrastructure that will require extra resources, both financial and human resources. 

Developers can create and run the application on IaaS, instead of on-premises infrastructure. Compared to PaaS, developers who choose IaaS services have more flexibility in choosing and using the tools that are considered the most superior. On the other hand, there are still obligations for the administration and maintenance of supporting software, such as operating systems and other application development tools.

Developing the Application with PaaS

On the one hand, IaaS does provide companies with greater control and flexibility. However, this also means that the complexity of infrastructure administration is getting higher.


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Most companies may prefer to focus on product and application development, not on managing the underlying infrastructure. For this kind of company, Platform as a Service (PaaS) may be more suitable for them. If the application development tools are widely used, chances are there are already Cloud services offering them a PaaS.

PaaS is available in quite diverse selections. Some of them offer frameworks for application development based on certain programming languages, such as Java, Python, and JavaScript. Some also offer a database platform (Database as a Service). With the popularity of container technology for application development, currently, you can find PaaS services in the form of Container as a Service (CaaS).

PaaS can also be a choice if the company has standardized the application development on a particular framework or platform. With PaaS, the developer can devote more resources to product creation, not administration. Lintasarta Cloudeka provides both IaaS and PaaS service products, which can meet your business needs.

A company that requires virtual server infrastructure can choose a Public Cloud service from Lintasarta Cloudeka, called Deka Flexi or Deka Prime. There are also other Cloud variants available such as Deka Vault (Backup and Disaster Recovery) to backup data and Deka Box which serves as an Object Storage.

Deka Harbor is a Managed Container as a Service (CaaS), which will come in handy to create a technology-based product. Furthermore, Deka DBaaS or Database as a Service can help you to monitor, control access, and backup via a designated dashboard without having to worry about the hassle of managing infrastructure and database, because everything will be managed by the Cloudeka team.

To understand better about Cloud solutions offered by Lintasarta Cloudeka, please contact us.

Cloudeka is a Cloud service provider that has been established since 2011. Born by a well-known ICT company in the country, Lintasarta, provides Cloud services for both large and small-medium enterprises.