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What is SQL Injection and How to Prevent It?

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No one can predict when a cyberattack hits us, especially since there have been many cases of fraud that have occurred in cyberspace due to the development of technology. The targets of these hackers are usually small to large companies. SQL Injection is one of many attacks that can occur at any time.

Just like any other crime, the purpose of SQL Injection is to steal data and then corrupt it. It is very dangerous, so do not neglect it. You can find multiple ways to prevent this type of cyberattack on the company.

SQL Injection: Definition and Prevention

SQL Injection is the abbreviation for Structured Query Language. This kind of cyberattack is very common to happen. The hacker will implement the attack by placing a dangerous code on a SQL statement through a website page. They will also use SQL injection vulnerabilities to bypass the security measures of an application. This attack usually consists of the injection of SQL queries through data insertion from the client to the application.

When they want to attack a website, the hackers must find vulnerable user input on the website page first. This is because web pages that are vulnerable to SQL injection can use user input directly. After that, a new attacker can create input content that is commonly known as a malicious payload.

So, what do hackers do to the websites they attack? These hackers can authenticate, authorize web pages, and retrieve all content from SQL databases. Not only that, if the SQL injection exploitation is successful, then they can read sensitive data from the database, modify the data, for example, such as updating or deleting data, and they can even delete records in the database.


How to Prevent SQL Injection Attack

Since this is the most common attack, the solution to prevent this has been found and can be applied. One way to prevent this attack is to validate input and query parameters including prepared statements.

After that, the application code should not use the input directly. Developers should sanitize all input, not just the website form input. Not to mention the malicious code elements like single quotes. This is one of the best ways to turn off the visibility of database errors on your site.

Further, if you find SQL injection vulnerabilities, for example like vulnerabilities in open code, then you can use Web Application Firewall (WAF) to clean up the temporary input.

That’s a brief explanation of one of the most common cyberattacks, SQL Injection, ranging from the definition, attack process, and how to avoid this type of cyberattack

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