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The Importance of Maintaining Data Security in the Digital Age

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Table of Contents

Nowadays, we live in the era where everything we do will require the help of the Internet, from shopping, and reading news to work. However, in this digital era, it also makes data security important because of the possibility of data theft. In recent years, cases of data theft, both personal and corporate data, have significantly increased. 

How Important is Data Security in the Digital Age?

In the early of the pandemic, you might remember the data breach from Zoom. Allegedly, hundreds of Zoom users’ data have been sold by hackers on the dark web. You might also recall there has been a data leak case on social media and the theft of e-wallet funds.

Data security has been such an important aspect to look up to for companies due to its greater casualties. For individuals, a data breach can lead to a bad impact such as making online loans using the data they stole.

While for companies, data is a valuable asset that should be kept and protected. By maintaining data security, companies can avoid big financial losses that will impact a negative reputation, and/or consumer trust in the company will decrease.

Companies are highly recommended to implement the three Triad CIA components – a security model and a guide for data protection from invalid access. These components are threefold:

  • Confidentiality: All data can only be accessed by authorized persons.
  • Integrity: All data is accurate and reliable.
  • Availability: All data is accessible for business needs.

In today’s digital era, we must maintain data security from irresponsible people. You can maintain the security of the data in various ways, such as:

1. Change social media password periodically

One of the strategies that you can initiate to maintain data security is by changing social media password regularly within a few months. This password should contain a complex combination such as lower and upper cases, numbers, and symbols.

2. Refrain from uploading personal data 

Incremental digital growth can occur these days due to the lack of awareness of what personal data is. Personal data should not be uploaded to social media or else, it can be utilized by unauthorized people. These data will include but are not limited to, the name of your parents, birth date, email address, national ID card number, etc.

3. Activate two-factor authentication 

Currently, social media or messaging applications have implemented the Two-factor Authentication feature. This feature allows you to get double protection for your account from being easily compromised by others. Some examples of platforms that have this feature include Gmail, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

4. Avoid opening random links

Data theft is targeting the public by spreading Phishing links. Usually, the scammers will share links by pretending to give you prizes or rewards.

When you open the link, your personal data can be controlled by irresponsible parties. In addition, it is possible that they can access your e-wallet to your e-banking.

Due to the loss, it is very important to realize how to maintain data security.

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