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What is SSL and Why is It Important for Website?

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Surfing on websites does provide opportunities for data theft such as personal identity or being exposed to malware and even ransomware. Therefore, websites must use SSL. What is SSL? In short, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a network protocol that will help prevent unwanted incidents through websites, one of which is data theft.

If you find a website with a URL address starting with HTTPS, then you can be sure that the website implements SSL in it.

What is SSL and Why is It Important for Website?

In 1995, Netscape for the first time developed SSL to ensure privacy, authentication, and data integrity on the Internet. Finally, SSL was replaced with TSL or Transport Layer Security

What is SSL? SSL is an encryption-based Internet security network protocol. This network protocol is designed to secure the data that has been sent from a web browser to a server. Later, SSL will encrypt the URL browser web to a server web with the aim that all data that has been sent remains on a private path and is protected from all kinds of attacks.


Have you ever visited one of the websites and found a green padlock icon residing before the URL address? This is the SSL that can help you to avoid several crimes on that website. Thus, you can safely search for any data or transactions through that URL because of the guaranteed security.

If you have a business website, then you must use SSL so that your customer personal data is not easily stolen by the perpetrator. However, before implementing SSL on a website, you must have an SSL certificate to inform users and the web browsers they use that they are interacting with the genuine web server and not with cyber fraudsters.

Is SSL Important for Website?

This is a common question asked by those who want to develop a website, “Is SSL necessary for a website?” and the answer is Yes. When you shop via a website, of course, you will also employ the payment through an online method. You will need to fill out the payment form with your personal details, such as credit card number.

That particular activity is the source of the problem. If a website does not have an SSL, your personal detail can be exposed and at risk of getting hacked or stolen. SSL is designed to fix this problem by ensuring that no one can see your personal data other than the online shop company where you make transactions.

So in other words, SSL is a must-have for a website to prevent from getting hacked in the online world. Because until now, crimes in cyberspace are almost the same as crimes in the real world. However, there is no need to worry because now you know and understand what SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is

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