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The Use of Artificial Intelligence for Businesses

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Table of Contents

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays an important role, especially in this era. As time goes by, there will be more innovations which of course will make everyday life easier. There are several examples of Artificial Intelligence that have quite a lot of benefits, especially in the business world.

As it is commonly known, Artificial Intelligence can be helpful to run a business as follows:

The Use of Artificial Intelligence for Businesses

To further discuss this matter, here are some examples of how Artificial Intelligence for business.

1. Chatbot

Whenever you visit a business website, you will engage in confabulation with a chatbot. A Chatbot is an Artificial Intelligence program whose role is to be an intermediary between customers and service providers. All forms of general information that customers want to know will be answered clearly and briefly through the chatbot.

For most businesses, chatbot holds an important role to cater the needs of customers. If a serious problem occurs, a chatbot will lead the customers to be connected with the customer service (real person).

2. Fraud detector

Fraud cases can be easily found in the business world. Even so, you as a business owner need not worry because you can take advantage of AI systems to help detect fraud in companies.

With a fraud detector, all forms of information about customers and the company will be kept safe and not leaked to any party. Not only that, with this fraud detector, the level of customer trust in the company will increase.


3. Conduct promotion periodically 

Have you ever used an app or website for shopping? Some people must have used this type of application. When we visit this application or website, we will explore the product and often make transactions directly.

Inadvertently, what we do is recorded and the data is then processed by the system. This is the answer to the reason why we often get recommendations for products that we have been looking for before.

This Artificial Intelligence system can not only help promote a company’s products but also make it easier for customers to get the products they want without having to browse the entire website.

4. Predictive maintenance

The next example of Artificial Intelligence is quite useful if we look at it from the company side. Artificial Intelligence or AI systems will help companies to repair or even replace machines before it becomes damaged and stops operating. By utilizing a few data which are then processed by the AI system, companies can make accurate decisions about when the tool needs to be repaired

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