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Understand Cloud Storage and Its Benefit for Business

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The data you input every day can make the storage on the computer full. One of the effects is that the computer’s performance can be slow. Therefore, to overcome this, we can move the data into the internal storage, for example, the Cloud Storage. What is Cloud Storage? It is a Cloud model where we can store any kinds of data on the Internet.

Storing your data on Cloud can be more efficient rather than having to store it in physical storage. We will never know what kind of unfortunate event might occur, starting from data loss, theft, or even damag. For that reason, this internal storage (Cloud) can be beneficial even for a long-term storage plan.

What is Cloud Storage and Its Benefit for Business?

When we are discussing data storage, Cloud Storage will be the top of mind in the deliberation. Cloud Storage is a model of Cloud that can store all kinds of data on the Internet through a Cloud service provider. 

You can store data from the external sites you accessed via an Internet connection, private or even public. This model is able to transmit and store data on a remote storage system. Only through the Internet, you can maintain, backup, and make data available in everywhere and at any time.


To enjoy this storage service, you can subscribe to the available Cloud service provider, and send the data over through the Internet with the pay-per-use payment plan. Cloud Storage uses servers to store data. Similar to local storage connections, only the servers reside in different locations. Most of the servers are virtual machines hosted in the physical server.

Cloud Storage consists of 3 different storages as follows: 

1. Public Cloud

It can be accessed by anyone with different devices. Derived from its name, the service provider will have the responsibilities to maintain and to the all the things for the users.

2. Private Cloud 

This kind of storage is strictly confidential, only the subscribers are authorized to access the stored data. You as a subscriber have full control of this storage. You are possible to develop a Private Cloud that can be accessed via a private connection.

3. Hybrid Cloud

This storage is the concoction between Public and Private Cloud. You can choose with your preferences where to store your data. For sensitive data, you are suggested to store it on a Private Cloud. On the other hand, data that are not confidential can be stored on Public Cloud.

The Benefit of Using Cloud Storage for Business

Many companies have chosen to store their data on Cloud due to budgetary efficiency. It is also hassle-free. Meaning you do not need to maintain the system because the service provider will do it for you. Last but not least, Cloud can help to smooth the continuity of the business that you are conducting.

Cloudeka is a Cloud service provider that has been established since 2011. Born by a well-known ICT company in the country, Lintasarta, provides Cloud services for both large and small-medium enterprises.