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What is Cloud and Why is It Important for Business?

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Cloud Computing is no longer a foreign object in the business world. But one might wonder, what is Cloud Computing exactly? Why do people discuss this? What good would Cloud Computing do to business? Let’s delve deeper into the Cloud below! 

What is Cloud and Why is It Important for Business?

Generally speaking, Cloud Computing was first coined in early 2000. Cloud Computing allows companies to use a computation service in a form of server, storage, network, and software through the Internet. So, instead of paying more to make those things on your own, you can choose to hire a Cloud provider to meet your needs.


Cloud Computing is classified into three different characteristics as follows:

  1. Public Cloud is a Cloud service that can be accessed by the public without having to subscribe in the first place. 
  2. Private Cloud is somewhat different from Public Cloud. This particular Cloud solution is restricted only to those who have access or are designated for the subscribers only.
  3. Hybrid Cloud is the concoction of the Public and Private Cloud. In other words, data can be transferred from the Public to Private Cloud, and is possible to tailor down to the needs of the company.

Not only its kind, but Cloud Computing also has three different services, namely:

  1. Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, is the kind of Cloud service that allow you to lease the IT infrastructures with the pay-per-use payment model. 
  2. Platform as a Service, or PaaS, is a type of Cloud that provides a “made to order” environment that can be easily used for developing, testing, transferring, and managing software applications.
  3. Software as a Service, or SaaS, is also a Cloud service that allows you to transfer a software application via Internet, based on needs and subscription type.

With these services, a company can store and share data through the Internet anywhere and whenever possible. Because the types of Cloud Computing services are divided into several things, companies can choose according to their ongoing business needs.

The Role of Cloud Computing for Business

For decades ago, almost all the companies who have been leaning on technology for their business process must also be using Cloud Computing services. However, what is exactly the role of Cloud Computing for business? Find the answer below!

1. Guaranteed data security 

Every company must have a series of confidential data that should be protected with a comprehensive security system. Cloud Computing can be the answer to this need. Most Cloud providers offer several control policies to strengthen the security system. Thus, storing data on Cloud is safer than on a physical server.

2. Reduce expenses

The costs that must be incurred to buy software and hardware will certainly be a very large amount, not to mention other additional costs. Therefore, to cut the expenses, a hiring Cloud Computing service provider is highly advised and it can be adjusted to the needs of the current business.

3. Flexibility

Because utilizing the Internet can run the Cloud, employees or anyone who uses this service should be able to do their job wherever they are without having to go to the office or Data Center. Especially during this pandemic, it will certainly help employees who work from home.

That’s the short deliberation about Cloud Computing and its role for business. Let us know if further discussion is needed

Cloudeka is a Cloud service provider that has been established since 2011. Born by a well-known ICT company in the country, Lintasarta, provides Cloud services for both large and small-medium enterprises.