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What is Software as a Service and How to Use It?

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You may often hear the term SaaS or Software as a service. This is one of the three types of Cloud Computing services where users can use this service without having to manage it because the provider will do it all for them. This type of service is widely used by various types of companies as well as for personal use.

SaaS is easy to operate for various industries. In addition, many people prefer SaaS because you as a SaaS customer do not have to buy, install, or upgrade the hardware or software. This is because you can access the application easily and it only requires an Internet connection.

Understand Software as a Services Better 

In SaaS, users can use the service directly with the help of the Internet. So, simply instead of installing, maintaining, and controlling the software, you can use it directly by accessing it directly via the Internet without having to manage it first.

The SaaS application continues to run on the server of the SaaS provider itself. The service provider will later be able to manage access to the application, including security, availability, and also performance.

How does SaaS work? SaaS works its way through the Cloud delivery model. Later, the software provider will host applications and data related to the use of its servers, databases, networks, and computing resources to host applications in the provider’s data center. After that, the application can be accessed by any device with an Internet connection. You need to know that SaaS applications can usually be accessed only through a web browser that has an Internet network.

SaaS has advantages for various industries, one of which is in terms of lower costs than having to pay for the installation of traditional software. This advantage is certainly very satisfying for several business sectors, including new companies. In addition, SaaS also includes accessibility, compatibility, and operational management.


The Example of Software as a Service

SaaS products range from video streaming services or business applications, such as e-mail, and sales management, to CRM or Customer Relationship Management. The users of this service are not only large companies, all types of companies that are in contact with technology can use this service.

Many users subscribe to this service because there are several advantages to it, such as flexible payments, in the sense that you can unsubscribe if you are no longer using this service. Then there is an automatic renewal from the SaaS service provider, so you don’t need to update again.

Examples of the most widely used SaaS in the business world, such as Microsoft 365, G Suite, Slack, Amazon Web Services to DropBox

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